Mindray Datascope AS3000

Mindray Datascope AS3000 Features

The Mindray Datascope AS3000 is a continuous flow anesthesia system which offers manual or automatic ventilation, easily adjustable fresh gas delivery, anesthetic agent delivery, ventilation monitoring, convenient ergonomics, and state-of-the-art safety systems.

  • Multiple ventilator modes including: Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV), Pressure Support Ventilation (PS), Synchronized intermittent mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) and Volume Controlled Ventilation (CMV).
  • The warmed breathing system (35°C) virtually eliminates internal condensation.
  • The auxiliary O2 / air flowmeters provide a built-in method of regulating O2 concentration.
  • Remote, dedicated 10.4” color display, adjustable for maximum visibility of ventilator information.

Mindray Datascope AS3000 Specifications


  • Height: 54.3 In (138cm)
  • Width: 25.6 In (65 cm)
  • Depth: 27.2 In (69 cm)
  • Weight (Without vaporizers or gas cylinders): 326 lbs (148 kg)


  • Number of Drawers: 3 Equal Size


  • Main Power Supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
  • Current Input: 120 VAC - 10 A (2 A for AS3000, 8 A for auxiliary outlets)
  • Power Consumption: Less than 200 VA (not including auxiliary outlets)
  • Main Fuse: 2 x 10A


  • Battery: 2 x 12 V Sealed Lead Acid
  • Battery Run Time: 45 minutes minimum
  • Battery Charge Time: 8 hours maximum


  • Ventilation Modes: CMV (Volume), PCV (Pressure Control), SIMV (Synchronized Volume), Pressure Support, Manual, and Spontaneous
  • Patient Types: Adult and Child
  • Tidal Volume:
    • 40 - 1400 ml
    • Child: 40 - 400 ml (± 17% or at least 20 ml)
    • Adult: 300 - 1400 ml (± 15% or at least 50 ml)
  • Pressure delivery range:
    • 5 - 70 cmH2O Manual and PCV modes
    • 3 - 80 cmH2O PS and SIMV modes

Anesthetic Gas Scavening System (Low Flow)

  • Flow Range: 25 to 50 l/min
  • Maximum Constant Flow Before Spillage Occurs: 50 l/min
  • Particle Filter: Replaceable
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